• Henry yells into a large vase. Maggie is disgusted* "Where were you raised, in a cave?" "Only for a year." Maggie/Henry
  • "Sup cuz?!" "Septicas?" "What is up cousin." Jasper/Henry
  • "Jasper! Sup cuz!" Henry

Sleeper in a BoxEdit

  • "Is it true you were raised in a cave?" "And a rainforest canopy, an igloo, and a birdsnest... until we were evicted." "Evicted?" "Condors make lousy landlords." Whitney/Henry

Heart of a WarriorEdit

  • Uncle Bryan looks at the leather jacket skeptically* "Interesting choice." "I think it makes a statement." "Yeah it says, 'Yo. I'm the fonz.'" "The what?" "Exactly." Uncle Bryan/Henry
  • "You chicken? Gobble gobble?" "That's a turkey. I know there's a cultural gap, but c'mon." Nobu/Jasper
  • "You really should stop by. We've got this tiger tat that would look fierce on your bicep." "Katya, if yo - you think I have biceps?" Katya/Jasper

Public School EnemiesEdit

  • "Mullah? As in the Islamic religious advisor?" "Not Mullah. Moolah. You know, like as in scratch, scrilla, benjamins, chedda'" "moolah is cheese?" Henry Jasper
  • "Where do you think you're going?" "We're late for school." "It's Saturday." "Shool. He means we're late for shool. Temple Beth. The bar mitzvah?" "What bar mitzvah?" "Christopher O'Leary-stein....." Uncle Bryan/Henry/Jasper
  • "My phone is dying and so are we. So, um, just out of curiosity, how much oxygen is there in air compared, to say, the average expulsion of flatulence?" "21 percent air to 4 percent.... Jasper no! Don't you dare fart!" "4% is better than nothing!" "Control yourself for once!" Jasper/Maggie

Maximum InsecurityEdit

  • double fist bump* "Weekend!" Jasper/Henry

Thor's SlammerEdit

  • "What have I done? Besides spiking Jasper's spray with lactic acid?" Henry
  • "Only Henry Griffin would risk his life to save someone that's already dead." "Only Henry Griffin would do it wearing sandals and a smile." Jasper/Maggie
  • "Why didn't you just shower at the digsite?" "Because I know your tricks, I at least left you with a towel, you would have left me with nothing." "Actually, I had planned on a tubesock." Henry/Jasper

Past, Presidents and FutureEdit

  • "That is beastly sick!" "Is that good?" "Oh it's wickedly dopey and it's awesomeness!" "I guess that is good." Henry/Henry's Parents
  • Falls from ceiling* "Two can play the air-duck game." Uncle Bryan